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Much like the surface of the soil, activated charcoal lends itself beautifully to the surface of our skin. The unique molecular structure of activated charcoal enables it to pull out any toxic chemicals that may have made your skin their home. Imagine it to work like a vacuum cleaner. It works like magic to control acne. It enters the pores of our skin and cleans it from inside, opening them up and allowing our skin to breathe and glow!  
Our steam-distilled Tea Tree oil magically heals any wounds or scars that our daily lifestyles inflict on our skin. Tea tree oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and it works like a charm on blemishes, irritation and redness. Tea tree oil has also proven very effective in the treatment for eczema.  
If you are having a particularly outdoorsy time and getting exposed to a lot of dirt and dust, this is a perfect soap to heal your skin thoroughly. 

Charcoal & Tea Tree Bath Bar

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