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How Neil & Momo Began?

Neil & Momo has come a long way since we, Swapnil Rao (Neil) and Mrunmayee Deshpande Rao (Momo) founded the company in 2019. We left Mumbai and settled into our permaculture homestead in Mahabaleshwar, a hill town tucked in the Sahyadri mountains. Determined to lead a carbon positive, zero waste life, we started making small changes to our daily lives. We started using homemade soaps, shampoos, toothpaste and deodorants made from 100% organic farm grown produce. We made all our cleaners using bio-enzymes at home too! And slowly but surely, we realised, that each one of our daily needs could be met with an all natural homemade recipe/remedy instead of a mass produced, industrial one. A win-win for us and the Planet. Thus Neil & Momo was born. It’s not just about offering environmentally friendly and socially responsible products, we strive to inform and inspire the global community to embrace a eco-inclusive and regenerative lifestyle.

Why we do things differently?

Vote with your Rupee! Everything that comes out of Neil & Momo Farm, whether it is our permaculture workshops, handmade organic soaps, shampoo bars, jams, butters, bio enzymes, among others; is intended to build a better and healthier life for humanity and the environment. We believe that change is only possible if everyone plays an active role in the choices they make as consumers. When you chose an industrial product that has been manufactured using machinery running on fossil fuels, you are indirectly sponsoring a system that is exploitative to the planet. Watch the epic "story of stuff video" for a crash course on how the current system works. All our products are ethically sourced, fair trade, cruelty free, vegetarian, 100% natural and organic and made in small batches by real people who genuinely care for you and our planet. If you really want to transform your quality of life and reduce your ecological footprint in a measurable way, Consume Consciously

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