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Neil & Momo: creating joy and abundance through community, simplicity and authenticity

Dear Reader,

We, Swapnil (Neil) along with Mrunmayee (Momo) would like to welcome you to our humble dream - Neil & Momo

At Neil & Momo, we are trying to design a framework for a regenerative and abundant future, not just for all human beings, but for all life on earth. We recognise our responsibility as custodians, “not owners”, of our beautiful blue planet.

We need to judiciously receive the many generous gifts that mother nature offers us in abundance and conserve our planet’s resources so that many more generations may thrive after us.

We sincerely believe that human well-being is directly proportional to our proximity with nature. The closer we come to our natural environment-be it through our food, our shelter our clothing, and our community; our sense of well-being increases significantly.

We are, after all, a part of nature; we have just forgotten it. Through Neil & Momo, we would like to humbly remind you of this existential truth.

We dream of a simpler life where we are deeply in sync with the rhythms of mother nature and her elements. We aspire to a life where we can express our human potential to its fullest physically, intellectually, and spiritually.

We dream of a world where we wake up to birdsong in our beautiful mud home with our community of friends, furry and otherwise.

We cannot do this alone. It does take a village to make a dream, especially like this one, come true. Together; we as a community are resilient to whatever the future holds.

At Neil & Momo, we preach only what we practise and we prescribe only what we consume ourselves. So come and join us in our quest to find that elusive balance.

For us, this is the only ambition worth pursuing!

We constantly share updates about our farm and all the things that excite us, with our community through a weekly email. If you are curious and interested please subscribe to our newsletter here.

We look forward to connecting with you again!



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